We provide consultancy services for facility optimization in metal (gold, copper, lead, zinc, chrome, iron, etc.) and industrial raw material (feldspar, quartz, kaolin, etc.) beneficiation processes. The services we provide are summarized below,
Optimization of equipment operating parameters in crushers and screens,
Selecting or redesigning the crusher or mill liner type in accordance with the process conditions,
Selecting or designing sieve panels and hydrocyclone consumable parts (apex and vortex finder) in accordance with the process conditions,
Optimizing sieve mechanical parameters to increase sieving efficiency,

Reagent type selection, dosage optimization and reagent control in flotation circuits
Designing preparation-feeding units,
Optimization of dewatering circuits,
Optimization of magnetic separation circuits,
Sampling in process circuits, analysis of samples taken in the laboratory, establishment of solid-liquid mass balance of the circuit and optimization of the entire circuit,
Revising the existing automation system or establishing a new automation system to increase facility performance,
Detecting chronic malfunctions and producing solutions to increase availability in equipment